Saturday, August 23, 2008

What are you wearing?

Welcome back, Marion!

Can you prepare a few questions to ask Marion about her trip? When you are ready we will interview her for a podcast in Let's Talk!

  • Listen to two teachers talking about what they are wearing. Answer the questions and write a description of one of them (or both) in your blog.
  • With a classmate ask each other about what you are wearing. You have to talk about the clothes, colour, type of material, origin, how you bought them or got them, if they were a present, etc.
  • You can get ideas from this forum, Fashion Police, but I would also would like you to ask/answer questions about how you got the clothes, were they a present?, did you buy them? where did you buy them? how much was it? are they any specific brand? did someone give them to you (hand-me-downs)...
  • Now record your description in Audacity. Marion and I will help you set up.
At home you can watch this video where people on the street answer the question what are you wearing? It has subtitles, so it's very easy to understand and learn from it.

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