Monday, August 11, 2008

Sydney through foreign eyes

Friends and family are always welcome in our household. Last month we were showing off our beautiful city to our Spanish visitors.

What do you do when you have visitors from overseas? Today we can write down a list of suggestions in our esolf2f wiki.

Last week we decided we wanted to revise comparison in adjectives. Go to Time4English, click on Grammar book and in letter C do the exercises on Comparatives er / est ,more/most
You have been given a Welcome to TAFE kit with information about TAFE, rights & responsibilities and study pathways. Listen to these interviews with Djimi, an ESOL student in 2006. My class students from last semester ask her about her study pathways. Have a look at her chart and think about your own study plan.
Take time to write your recounts and reports in your blogs.

Well done to all the students who got a new blog. There is a link to your blog in your teacher's blog. Sorry we didn't have time to help everyone. We'll do it today. Now you can write a comment in your classmates' blogs. Remember to check your grammar before publishing.

Some of you didn't have time to finish all the work last week. You can try and do it now:

  1. Marion's interview: listen & answer the questions on the worksheet

  2. Type the questions to Marion in the World Map & record at least one of them

  3. Add some questions on the Olympic Games wiki page

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