Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympic Games Beijing 2008

The picture on the left is the answer to last week's picture-guess. Elmira was the only student to guess it, although she wasn't 100% sure. Well done! You could try and guess who the mystery man is. Write your guess in comments.

As you know, Marion is in Ireland. She has just left a message for us in the comments of this post. Read it and write something to her there. Listen to her telling me about her trip. Do the worksheet (type it and email it to me or print it and hand it in).Think of some questions to ask her. Write them down and we'll try and record them in our World Map.

  • Have you listened to your first podcast in Let's Talk? You can find it in the post below. You can send the link to your family & friends overseas.
  • Did you watch the opening ceremony at 08:08 on 08/08/08?
    One of our teachers, Nadia, has done a quiz, Olympic Games Trivia for you to answer. You can type the answers and email them to your teacher or you can print the worksheet and write down the answers. I've included the answers that she gave me, but in a code. If you are desperate, you can try to decipher it!
  • Add more questions to our esolf2f wiki Olympic Games quiz.
  • Have a look at the teachers page. Robert has added something to it!
  • Finally, check your emails. I have sent you one about my weekend. Read it and reply to it. You will be practising some of our assessment tasks for level 3: reading emails, writing emails and writing recounts. Good work!


Marion said...

Hello all form Cork, Ireland! I'm having a great time here with my family but really busy every day! The weather is not very good even though it's summer! I'll try to get a podcast done during the week but it's really hard to find the time to post/publish it! I hope all is well in OZ and that you are enjoying the Olympics!
Take care!

jianmin said...

Jimmy:I think they are the carpets.
I think he is a customer of the lolly shop.

preyabenz said...

Hello everyone.I think they are rug.then they just shown customer out side shop not for sale.And a man was very hungry try to made joke of that.

Rosa said...

If you read Elmira's comment from last week, you will notice that she mentions lollypops, although then she says they're not. Well, YES they are gigantic lollypops outside a shop in the beautiful town of Berri in the south coast.

aneta said...

Hi!I think it's big lollypops and this men is someone who likes lollypops.Or he likes just for fun one picture whit this biggest lollypops.


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