Friday, August 1, 2008

Library Skills

If you know what this is, tell us in comments

Hi again. I hope you managed to record your voice on our voicethread world map at home. If not, we will try it at the college.

  • This week Andrew is going to take you to the library. Before you go, listen to Patricia, one of our librarians, and answer the questions. It will help you understand what they tell you on the library tour.
  • The librarians at St George are producing excellent tutorials on how to use some of their facilities. You can find them in their wiki, St George Library wiki. There is a permanent link to it on the right sidebar of this blog. Keep visiting it to learn how to put money in your TAFE library to photocopy or print from one of the library computers, searching skills, etc. Today I would like you to watch their tutorial on how to start your TAFE portal access and change your password.

Marion has gone overseas. Listen to this casual conversation and answer the questions on the worksheet.

Finally, let's write a wiki page for the Olymppic Games. You can write the questions that you wrot e in class for the Olympic Quiz. Get the invite key from me.


Anonymous said...

this is a picture. I think these are straw place mats and colour full ropes.


Anonymous said...

I guess that is kind of threads.-seung hee-

Anonymous said...

I think it looks like the pattern of rope in circles.

Anonymous said...

The picture in this page is a hand made BUSKET made with woolen theads and different colourd strings.-najmin-

Elmira said...

It lookes like lollies ) but it's not ;)
I guess it's some rolled fibre.

Anonymous said...

I think they're some coloured ropes. But I have no idea that what they're use for.

aneta said...

I think that it is table placemats to protect the table when you put a hot dish on it.


Rosa said...

See next weeks post to find out who's right!

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