Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to Our Class!

Read this newspaper clip:

Today we are going to work with Marion's class. Choose a partner from the other class and start working on the following activities:

  • Go to the World Map in our esolf2f wiki and record/type a short message introducing yourself
  • Interview each other using Audacity to record the interview. Your teachers will show you how to use the program.
  • Irregular verbs: Check Time4English (ask your teachers for the username and password) Irregular verb list, Verbs - infinitive / past simple / past participle & do the exercises on Verbs - regular and irregular
  • When working on the computer it's very important to think about your posture. You have to sit properly and at a good distance from the computer. To help you with it, read this information about Computer Health. Click on all the links (Stretches, Postures, Consequences)
    Do the Quiz. When you finish answering the quiz, print it and keep it in your folder in the blog section.Remember to get a ring folder to be well organised with your class notes. Andrew, Larry and I will be asking you to look at things done in previous lessons, so if you keep them in order, it'll be easy to find them quickly.Computer Health Quiz: Print it and give it to your teacher when it' s finished.
  • Answer this poll about hobbies. Keep checking to see the results changing and add your suggestions to the comments below the poll.
  • Finally, visit our Forum (ask us for the username/password) and tell us about your holidays. What did you do? How were you feeling with so much free time? Did you use English at all?
Don't panic if you can't finish all the work today. Rosa's class has more time tomorrow with Larry and everyone has all week to work on the blog. You can access it from home, the library and the Learner Support Centre.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rosa
Marta wrote, in 2007 I was in your class, is very unusual see teacher activities class in the newspaper, that's very clever!
Just I got one question for you:
Are you in Learning suport center?
Email me to
Thank you.

Rosa said...

Hi Marta,

good to hear from you. I hear you are doing an IT Helpdesk diploma. I'm so impressed! Maybe you can help us with all of our technical problems.

Yes I'm at the LSC on Mondays, as usual. Come and use it. We are open many hours on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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