Monday, September 29, 2008

Photo editing and flickr slides

If you want an exciting way of editing your photos, go to picnik.

You can create photos like the one I posted last week (tea cups) or this puzzle one done with the same photo.

If you have photos in flickr, you can place a slide generator in your blog. This will find out your flickr id .This link will tell you how to do it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

News time

A tea shop in Newtown yesterday arvo

A couple of weeks ago we were discussing how to get better in English. Helen was saying that she would like to do more work listening to the news. We can both read news from the newspapers and listen to radio or tv news. Let's start today, Answer this poll and keep watching it. It will keep changing as people do it. We will see which type of news people prefer.

Get your own Poll!

Here you have a very good site, Behind the News, produced by the ABC weekly. Watch the 26th episode. There is a permanent link to it in ELS links on the right hand sidebar.

Ask me to give you a print out of the exercises. Today I would like you to concentrate on the segment Copyrtight Crackdown. You can just watch one segment (part) of the whole program by clicking on it on the right hand side of the BTN screen.

In the college Learner Support Centre (B1.19), you can listen to many radio news items with exercises to extend your vocabulary and understanding of the news.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Marion's back! & Zhong Qiu Kuai Le!

Marion's back from Beijing. What do you want to know about her trip? Did she get your questions for an athlete? Did she manage to interview one of them? Write down the questions and we will ask her and publish her answers next week.
It's the Chinese Moon Festival this week. Read here about the legend linked to it. Did you celebrate it? How? Tell us about it in your blogs.

Watch the video below, What are You Wearing? with you talking about what you are wearing. Sorry that we couldn't record all of you last week. Audacity has something missing... but if you want we can do it today. I also posted it in Let's Talk (students) and Let's Talk, which you can subscribe to with itunes and download podcasts and vodcasts (this one is an mp4)into your ipod .

As we've been talking about clothes and fashion, today you can listen to Cathy's'podcast about Rozelle Markets, where she's got a clothes stall. Don't forget to do the worksheet. It will help you with the listening.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What are you wearing? & Marion goes to the Paralympics!

Hi there. Today you should publish in your blog your description of what Alison and Andrew are wearing. If you want to add my bubbleshare album in your blog, follow these instructions: How to add a bubbleshare album to your blog.

Now is your turn to record a short segment about what you are wearing. Remember to revise the language used by Alison, Andrew and the writers to the Fashion Police forum. Then practise with a classmate and when you are ready, record your short interviews in Audacity.

Watch this short video and follow the instructions on How to use Audacity to record and then save the file as an mp3 file.

  • Well done everybody with Marion's interview! Listen to it and read what I wrote about your performance. If you wnat to practise more, you could write a little article about Marion's trip just listening to her answers. Publish it in your blog.

    Marion is at the Paralympics right now. She is going to interview one athlete for our podcasting blog. What questions would you like her to ask? Write them in esol f2f in the Events: Olympics page/Marion
  • Last week I saw an interview with Kurt Fearnley, the World Champion Wheelchair Racer, on Enough Rope with Andrew Denton . Marion just sent me an email with links to his profile and to the interview. Wouldn't it be good if Marion could interview him with your questions? It doesn't matter if it's another athlete. We'll find out when she's back.

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