Monday, September 15, 2008

Marion's back! & Zhong Qiu Kuai Le!

Marion's back from Beijing. What do you want to know about her trip? Did she get your questions for an athlete? Did she manage to interview one of them? Write down the questions and we will ask her and publish her answers next week.
It's the Chinese Moon Festival this week. Read here about the legend linked to it. Did you celebrate it? How? Tell us about it in your blogs.

Watch the video below, What are You Wearing? with you talking about what you are wearing. Sorry that we couldn't record all of you last week. Audacity has something missing... but if you want we can do it today. I also posted it in Let's Talk (students) and Let's Talk, which you can subscribe to with itunes and download podcasts and vodcasts (this one is an mp4)into your ipod .

As we've been talking about clothes and fashion, today you can listen to Cathy's'podcast about Rozelle Markets, where she's got a clothes stall. Don't forget to do the worksheet. It will help you with the listening.

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