Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What are you wearing? & Marion goes to the Paralympics!

Hi there. Today you should publish in your blog your description of what Alison and Andrew are wearing. If you want to add my bubbleshare album in your blog, follow these instructions: How to add a bubbleshare album to your blog.

Now is your turn to record a short segment about what you are wearing. Remember to revise the language used by Alison, Andrew and the writers to the Fashion Police forum. Then practise with a classmate and when you are ready, record your short interviews in Audacity.

Watch this short video and follow the instructions on How to use Audacity to record and then save the file as an mp3 file.

  • Well done everybody with Marion's interview! Listen to it and read what I wrote about your performance. If you wnat to practise more, you could write a little article about Marion's trip just listening to her answers. Publish it in your blog.

    Marion is at the Paralympics right now. She is going to interview one athlete for our podcasting blog. What questions would you like her to ask? Write them in esol f2f in the Events: Olympics page/Marion
  • Last week I saw an interview with Kurt Fearnley, the World Champion Wheelchair Racer, on Enough Rope with Andrew Denton . Marion just sent me an email with links to his profile and to the interview. Wouldn't it be good if Marion could interview him with your questions? It doesn't matter if it's another athlete. We'll find out when she's back.

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