Sunday, September 21, 2008

News time

A tea shop in Newtown yesterday arvo

A couple of weeks ago we were discussing how to get better in English. Helen was saying that she would like to do more work listening to the news. We can both read news from the newspapers and listen to radio or tv news. Let's start today, Answer this poll and keep watching it. It will keep changing as people do it. We will see which type of news people prefer.

Get your own Poll!

Here you have a very good site, Behind the News, produced by the ABC weekly. Watch the 26th episode. There is a permanent link to it in ELS links on the right hand sidebar.

Ask me to give you a print out of the exercises. Today I would like you to concentrate on the segment Copyrtight Crackdown. You can just watch one segment (part) of the whole program by clicking on it on the right hand side of the BTN screen.

In the college Learner Support Centre (B1.19), you can listen to many radio news items with exercises to extend your vocabulary and understanding of the news.

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