Tuesday, February 26, 2008

International Women's Day

    Next Saturday is International Women's Day. Visit the official website and listen to some of the women talk about what it means in different countries. You can also read about the history of this important celebration. The library is having an exhibition of works by students on the topic of Women and education. Take a few minutes to think about what it means to you and we can put our thought s together in a word document.

      Thanks for writing you opinion about St Valentine's Day in our forum. There were different points of view amongst your entries. Three of you thought that presents can (or should) be given to anyone, not just to a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. One of you said that there is no need to celebrate it on one specific day, that her husband treats her in a special way every day! Several of you dislike the celebration because of its commercial aspect. The only ones happy are the shop owners (florists in particular). A big majority, though, think that it's a good idea to celebrate something as positive as love, even if it's in a very cheap way.

      • Last week we were learning how to read instructions. The last one we read was about buying used cars. Go to Time4English Intermediate and in section 8, do the first exercise on Buying a Used Car (8C)

      • Make sure you print your Computer Health Quizzes and show them to me.

      • Don't forget to write the answers to Patricia the librarian and show them to me, too. It is part of your assessment for the unit of competency called Operate in a Diverse Study Environment.

      • Publish your opinion on the Stolen Generation if you haven't done it.

      • Today I would like you to listen to Andrew's podcast. You can ask him questions about it next time you see him!

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