Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Change of plans

As we got so busy creating our blogs, we didn't do the work as planned.
No worries! We'll do it next week.

Meanwhile, in case you have time this weekend, I'll list the tasks that we thought you could start doing at home:

  • Check you own blog and see if we need to add a link to Our Class 2008

  • Check you blog to see if anyone has written to you in comments

  • Visit your classmates' blogs and write a message to them in comments

  • Listen to Patricia's podcast

  • Change your photo!
Next week you have to remind me to let you work on Typequick for 15 minutes. Then we will also learn how to add your blog to Favourites/Bookmarks.


Bing Chen said...

Hi, Rosa ^.^

Rosa said...

Hi Bing,

Have you had time to listen to Patricia? Hope you find it useful!

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