Monday, February 25, 2008

Library Quiz for International Women's Day

Can anyone tell me what this photo is?
As I told you last week, today we will do the work we were supposed to have done 2 weeks ago!

  • Next week is International Women's Day. The librarians have prepared a quiz for you to enter. I'll give you a copy an you can use some of the time today to try and find the answers. They will give a prize to the first correct entry.

  • The librarians would also like us to contribute to International Women's Day celebrations. They would like you to do something that they can exhibit in the library next Tuesday. Can you give some suggestions?

Finally, we will be doing some things with another class. You can visit their class blog on the sidebar, below Other TAFE blogs. It's Marion's class blog. Leave a message in her comments and invite them to visit your blogs.

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Hugo said...

Somehow stumbled onto your blog when looking for teaching resources. I'm a n EOI teacher here in Barcelona, just wanted to congratulate you for what looks like an excellent way to teach English.

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