Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome to Our Class 2008 blog!

In the next few weeks you will learn how to set up your own blog (a personal internet diary) and how to use the internet to improve your English skills.

Today, though we are going to work on a very significant event that is taking place tomorrow: the government apology to the Stolen Generations.

Print this sheet about it, Apology to the Stolen Generation (prepared by Lyn Wilson , Petersham college of TAFE), and write your opinion in comments.

Us taken Away: Mother :Read at least two of the stories and comments by John Williams Mozely, Christopher Mason, Ron and Marie Cox, Les Ridgeway, Elaine Turnbull and Phyllis Bin Barka. Write down your feelings about what they are telling us. Handed in to your teacher for correction and you can publish it next week.

Rabbit Proof Fence: Search the net for information about this film. Write a short paragraph about its theme and plot.

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