Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Do you know the name of this tree?
Hi everyone,

    Today you will be working independently, as I can't be in class with you. By now you know how to navigate the blog and write your own posts in your individual blogs. Anne will be there to assist you and help you with your grammar, etc.

    There are several tasks that you should be completing today:
  • Visit our new wiki, esolf2f, and do the first 2 tasks. Anne will help you with the first one. Listen to all the other people who have already done it (Marion's students, myself, Anne and other students from last year). If you find the second task too difficult, I'll help you do it later on.

  • Email: check your emails and reply to the one I sent you. I had some errors in some of your email address, so you won't have received any emails from me (Helen and Samira). Please get my email address from one of your classmates and send me an email, that way I'll have your correct address. Everyone has an email through the TAFE portal. You all got the user name and password on a letter sent to you after you enrolled.

  • Add your classmates' email addresses to your address book

  • Write a word document (a recount of your first day in Australia) and send it to me as an attachment

  • Go to Time4English and in Intermediate, do the reading for Buying a Used Car 2 (8D)

  • Do also Buying a Used Car 3 (8E). It's a listening exercise, so you'll need your headphones. Ask Anne for a pair if you forgot them at home.

  • Hope you have a good day and good luck with the new tasks!


    Wentan said...

    Hello to Rosa's class (and Rosa).
    I can't find a "contact me" link for you Rosa - so I am posting this comment.
    You have a wonderful blog ...and I have put a link to it on my class wiki:
    Please check it out. I hope you don't mind. Maybe our classes can contact each other.

    Rosa said...

    I don't mind at all, Wendy. We'll visit your wiki and we'd love to do something wiht your class.

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