Friday, March 28, 2008

Autumn has arrived

Autumn has arrived in Sydney, although the weather has been quite warm. I took these photos last week on my way to buy a coffee on our lunch break. Do you know where these wonderful sunflowers are?

  • Today I would like everyone to add your names to our esolf2f wiki and create a page for yourselves. You can add a link to your blog and add photos, music, whatever you like.
  • I created a new page called Events. Go there and have a look at the photos from Harmony Day. You can listen to the song we sang on the day. I would love you to write a bit about what happened on the day and your opinion about the whole thing. Feel free to edit what others have written, so that we don't have repetitions or grammatical mistakes. That's what a wiki is all about! Be careful, though, not to erase someone else's content, opinion, news, the photos or the song!
  • You can publish your recounts (first day in Australia or a holiday) in your blogs if you haven't done it yet.
  • We are going to learn how to write a report (very different to a recount!). There is a good example in Time4English, Upper Intermediate, 2G. It is about Aboriginal history. It is a listening exercise, so you'll need your headphones.
  • Print the report and bring it to class to analyse its structure and linguistic features.


Bing said...

I think it's near the coffee shop.

Elmira said...

I didn't see this house with sunflowers.

rakia said...

I think so too,


COMEE2008 said...

That's my favourite flower, late year I had plant one on my balcony

Bing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bing said...

When we go out of building H, turn left, then straight ahead we can see the sunflowes just opposite us. They're in front of a small yellow house.

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