Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where was this picture taken? Who are these people? What were they doing?

To find out, follow these steps:.

  1. Click on the computer icon on your desktop

  2. Go to Student Resources (P:) drive. Double click on it.

  3. Open the folder called LANGUAGES ESOL

  4. Look for the folder called LANGUAGES and click on it.

  5. You will find a folder called Rosa's Class, where I have placed some photos for you to get more practice uploading photos (or adding images) onto your blogs & our esolf2f wiki. To help you do it, follow these steps:

  6. Click on the blog tutorials folder.

  7. Open and print How to post pictures.

  8. Open the folder pictures for students. Have a look at the pictures and write the answers to the questions about the picture above in comments for this post.

  9. Use one or more pictures in your blog & our esolf2f wiki. I'll have my camera with me in case you want different pictures.

Report Writing

You will soon have an assessment on report writing. Go to this post: Reports: Information Texts (Factual Descriptions) and read it carefully. You can print it if you wish.
Open this worksheet, Writing Skills; Information texts: Report: Places, and do all the exercises. There are links that you can access by clicking on them.

  1. You have to write a report of your home town.

  2. Compare 3 reports: the one on Huesca, the Wombat text from Time4English Lower Intermediate and the one you write about your home town. Use the table provided in the above worksheet.
  3. Publish your report on an icon from your country. Try to find a photo to go with it and illustrate what you are talking about.

Listening Activity

The IT staff have fixed the problem we had last week with real player. Can you listen to this podcast, Carol: Constant Movement, and let me know if it is working OK now?

I hope you understand Carol, she has an American accent, but speaks very clearly. Do the exercises in the worksheet, they will help you understand the conversation and improve your English!


Bing said...
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Bing said...

Harmony day

Li said...

hi rosa,

This is my answer to your question in my blog:

I lived in NZ for seven years. The people of NZ are very friendly and kind.Last Christmans my children and I went to NZ to visit my husband.

You can read the rest in this post:

Ivy said...


This picture was taken on Harmony day.

The people are students from our college.
They were listening to the speakers, one of which was a doctor from China. He spoke very well and he was very funny.

tc said...

Sydney English Student

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