Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How was your holiday?

Mine was very relaxing and I kept busy finishing some jewellery pieces from my last jewellery workshop. I've put the photos in the podcast below.

Talking about holidays, visit Elmira's blog and read her last post from Russia.

And talking about jewellery, listen to this podcast, Tessa..., where I interview a young girl who was doing the jewellery workshop with me. Use the worksheet to help you understand and complete all the work in it.

Remember to publish your report on Perth and your hometown.

Finally, check your emails. You have to answer my email about the holidays. It'll be part of your assessment on reading and written personal letters.

Can you guess what these two photos are? You will find the answer in p: drive.


COMEE2008 said...

It's very hard to know what's the picture is

Rosa said...

If you look in p: drive, you will find them. Li has already told me wht one of them is.

Li said...

Hi Rosa,
First picture is dishwashing bubbles.
Second picture is coffee.

Rosa said...

Well done, Li!

It's right: dish washing liquid bottle bubbles and instant coffee grains!

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