Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sculpture by the Sea Excursion Report

I hope everyone enjoyed our excursion last Tuesday's to Bondi to Tamarama Sculpture by the Sea. I had a terrific day, we were so lucky with the weather, weren't we?

Today you will be able to post your photos and your work on one of the sculptures exhibited this year.

You will need to use bubbleshare or flickr slides. Let's concentrate on bubbleshare today.

You have to register with bubbleshare first. Just follow the instructions to upload your photos from your pc or your camera. Marion and myself will help you if you need us to.

Once you have your album, this tutorial tells you how to embed (add and display inside a post) a bubbleshare slideshow in your blog.

If you haven't got any photos with you, go to p: drive and in the LANGUAGES folder, go to Rosa's folder and use any of the photos there to practise creating a bubbleshare slideshow. Embed it in you blog. Have fun!

When you finish, record a recount of the day in Audacity. Tell us what you liked about it, your favourite sculpture, if you went =back with your family and friends, anything about it!

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