Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sculpture by the Sea 2008

Last week Marion and I decided to introduce you to one of the most spectacular art exhibitions in Australia, Sculpture by the Sea. I took the pictures above at Sculpture by the Sea 2007.

We will be going next Tuesday by public transport, but thought that this would be a good opportunity for you to use the Internet to find out about the event and to plan our excursion .

Check the link Sculpture by the Sea and answer these questions:

  1. What is Sculpture by the Sea? Tell us a bit of its history as well as an explanation of what it is.

  2. When does it take place?

  3. Where does it take place?

  4. What type of art is exhibited?

  5. Why does it attract so many people?

Write the answers in your blog, but as a paragraph, without using numbers. It should read like a newspaper clip abut the event. You can borrow my slide show or some of the photos in it for your post. Next week you will be able to take your own!

Now a bit of guess work: Can you find out the name of this sculpture and the artist who created it? (hint: images in google search or official website for the event)

In your blog, write about this sculpture:
* Factual information (name, artist, date)
* Description: what it looks like, colour, material, size, location, figurative or abstract
* Your opinion: what you think it wants to convey, if you think it works, if you like it, what it makes you feel, is it serious or has it got a hint of humour?

Planning our day
How can we get there?

We would like to start our excursion at 9 am next Tuesday. Can you plan our day? What time should we catch a train? Which train do we have to catch to get there? Can we go by train only or do we need to catch a bus too? How should we come back? Where from? What time?

This website, trip planner, may be useful.


COMEE2008 said...

Hi Rosa,
It'a amazing event to go to visit the sculptures, isn't it? I hope I still in your class. Were you taken all pictures? so beautiful!


Rosa said...

I Min,

Great to hear form you! I wish you were in my class still too. You were such a good mentor of your classmates, especially Francesca.

Yes this event is fantastic, make sure you find time to go and do the walk. I took the pictures there last year. We are going next week, so there'll be more pictures posted soon...Keep an eye on it, better still... go, take your own pictures and write about it in your blog!

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