Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sculpture by the Sea 2008

These photos are from Sculpture by the Sea 2007. Sooon you'll be able to take photos for your blogs of Sculpture by the Sea 2008!

Tomorrow is the big day! Remember to bring your camera and take photos of your designated sculpture and any other sculptures that take your fancy. You can also take a bit of video and upload it to bubleshare with the Add Video button (next Add Image). Next week I'll put a tutorial on how to add your bubbleshare album in your blog post.

If you've lost the excursion worksheet, get it here.

  • Here is a link to CityRail. Please check the timetable for the Kogarah 9:16 train to Bondi Junction and work out what time you should take it if you join us from another station (eg Elmira will catch the train from Rockdale).
  • Now check at what time we have to catch the train at Bondi Junction in order to be in Kogarah at 2:30 pm.
  • Now tell us what bus we should catch at Tamarama, so that we know when we should start leaving the exhibition.
When you finish, get headphones and start Audacity. We are going to use it again (IT fixed it!) to learn how to edit your recordings and save them as mp3 files. Marion and myself will be there to help you. You can talk about what we are doing tomorrow. Record it, listen to it, correct any grammatical or pronunciation mistakes and re-record that passage. When you are pleased with your work, export it as mp3 and save it in a memory stick. Have fun!

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