Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Session

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Hi everyone,

This is our very last computer session for the semester. I have enjoyed working with you tremendously and I hope you have learnt something from working with blogs, podcasts, slide shows (bubble share), voicethread, our esolf2f wiki, Time4English, the forum, etc.

The main thing is that you now know that there are lots of materials on the Internet that you can use to practise your English. Keep using Our Class 2008 if you wish. Send me emails if you want or write in comments.

It'd be terrific if you kept your blogs running. You can publish anything you like about yourself, your new courses, excursions, trips, movies, etc.
  • Today we are going to record a 1-2 minute speech on "Everyone's a winner". On your computer left bottom corner, click on Programs and then on Audacity. It's very easy to use this program to record your voice. You will need a pair of headphones with microphone. If yo need me I'll I'll show you how to do it.
  • Do it several times until you are happy with your pronunciation, fluency and intonation. Then export as mp3. Save it on the desktop, so that you can find it easily.
  • Email it to yourself as an attachment and send me a copy.
  • Now work with a classmate and interview each other about what you'd do if you won a big amount of money on the lottery. Save it as an mp3 and email it to each other and myself. I will try to publish it on our podcast, Let's Talk.
  • Some of you are looking for a job and will need to prepare a resume (also know as CV, from Curriculum Vitae, Latin for Life's , Go to Time4English Level 6, and then ADVANCED BUSINESS & ACADEMIC. There click on 2G, Resume (listening, reading and grammar). It will help you get started with a good basic resume.
  • More advice on resume writing can be found in this Australian website, my career. They also have some samples: IT professional resume, a production professional resume. You'll find advice and resume templates (models with different layouts)
  • Check out Sally's website for information about volunteering, interviews, etc. It's like a board game with links to relevant sites.
  • Finally the Centrelink website is full of information for job seekers.

Have a good holiday and I'll see you around!

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