Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aussie Slang & Pathways

Matt is going to help you add to our 101 Health Hints (dental, back, footwear, etc). We're nearly there (81! 20 to go).

  • Read Suzanne's post about being Australian and write your opinion in the forum. You can also elaborate on it an publish it in your blog.
  • If you click on her "Typical Aussie" link, you can listen to a very popular song, Home Among the Gum Trees, by John Williamson. You may have to do this at home if the link doesn't work at TAFE. Here is the lyrics (the words of a song).
Aussie Slang

Find the meaning of these Aussie slang words in the Aussie Dictionary:

  • chuck a wobbly
  • ratbag
  • sanger
  • flat out


Part of our pathway session last week included EFS and Comms. Today we are going to do a bit more listening and thinking about those courses.

  1. Listen to Suzanne, the EFS coordinator

  2. Listen to Jennifer, one of the Comms teachers. The flyers are a bit old, but basically the information about the course is very similar to the current one.

  3. Write a summary of both courses (EFS & Comms) in your blog.
  • Finally, here are some exercises that will help you practise your tag questions (very useful for casual conversation), they're/their/there and conjunctions (very useful for more formal speech, like oral presentations or writing, like reports, opinions, etc).

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