Monday, June 2, 2008

Casual Conversation

I'm afraid I published some of this post by mistake last week. It was meant to be work for this week. Sorry!

    We are going to prepare for our casual conversation assessment. Please revise the following points:
    1. the language of agreeing and disagreeing
    2. the structure of an anecdote
    3. practise different ways of giving feedback
    4. Opening and closing the conversation in a polite way

  • To help you with content (what to say) for your casual conversation assessment, go to VILC Know your Consumer rights and choose a different topic per student. Use the story as an anecdote inside your casual conversation.

  • To improve your conversational skills, it's important to pay attention to your pronunciation. You can do it at home on the weekend. Check this website: Pronunciation with Alanna. Alanna Townsend, from Griffith TAFE, has recorded pronunciation lessons for her students on her blog, Griffith English News, visit it an do some of the exercises at home.
  • Finally, we are getting closer to our target of 101 health hints. Did you see anything last week at the Health Expo that we could include? For example, anything related to dental health, massages, women's health, mental health, diet, etc.

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