Monday, December 1, 2008

Movie Reviews

Check out your classmates' podcasts on movies in Let's Talk.

Our college library has a good post on Internet Movie Databases. Very useful before you write a review.

This one is a very reliable film review website, Rotten Tomatoes. It has some professional film critics writing their reviews there, but also reviews by film buffs, like you and I. My class read two reviews of the movie we are going to see on Tuesday, Australia. One positive and one negative. Do you like to read reviews before seeing a movie?

Her is another review of Australia from the ABC programme At the Movies. What do David and Margaret think of it? Do they recommend us to go and watch it? How do they say it?

Marion was showing us a bit of Ellen Degeneres programme. I found this interview of Nicole Kidman wiht her in yappr. Check it out!

We also read some information about the Bombing of Darwin during WW2, as this is part of the movie Australia.

You can also read about another theme of Australia: the Stolen Generations and the Sorry finally given to them by our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

  • Do a search for the movie we are watching in class, The Castle, and see what the critics say about it. Do you agree with their views?
  • Write your own film review for The Castle. Remember to follow the structure of a film review we learned in class:
  1. Introduction of the film and its director
  2. Description of the plot
  3. Evaluation of the performances of the main actors
  4. Evaluation of the plot, music and photography
  5. Comment about the rating of the film (G, PG, M, MA 15+, R 18+,X 18+)

  6. Recommendation
I just found a very good wiki page about this movie, Australia. It's wendysclasso8. It has links to reviews, slides on the Stolen Generation and many more interesting links. Thanks Wendy!


Aneta said...

This movie is very nice.

Rosa said...

Hi Aneta,

I'm gld you liked it. I kmow we read two negative reviews and two positive ones, but the best thing is to judge by ourselves.

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