Monday, May 19, 2008


  • We have been looking at modal verbs at a higher level. Please go to Time4English Grammar book, click on the letter M and do the exercises on can/could, can/could/be able to and must/have to. Write notes about how to use them in your note book. Add examples to help you understand their use and to help you remember it.
  • Last week we were also talking about how stress affects different age groups. Listen to this passage in Time4English, Are you stressed? (lower Intermediate 6I). It is a stress test. See what your stress levels are like!
  • Listen to this podcast of a casual conversation amongst 4 teachers about stress. Can you write down the topics we talked about? Also take note of the language used to change topic or to relate one topic to another. How is feedback given?
  • Let's catch up with our Audacity work. I will help you one by one to use Audacity to record your voice and improve your introductory podcast, This is us!

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